Affiliated Surveyors, Inc.

Company Information

Affiliated Surveyors, Inc. (ASI) was started in 1977 in Houston, Texas, and in 1981 relocated to Cherokee County, Texas.  Current Registered Professional Land Surveyors include:

Wayne Morgan, R.P.L.S. No. 1969
Licensed in 1978
Elected County Surveyor of Cherokee County in 1984

Kristopher Morgan, R.P.L.S. No. 5655
Licensed in 2002
Graduated U.T. Tyler with BBA in Management in 2007

Christopher Gluck, R.P.L.S. No. 6448
Licensed in 2014
Graduated U.T. Tyler with BS in Industrial Technology in 2011

In 1984, Wayne Morgan was elected County Surveyor of Cherokee County, Texas.  In 2002, Kristopher Morgan became a Registered Professional Land Surveyor.   

At the current time, ASI runs two crews which are supervised by one of the RPLS's.  This allows ASI to ensure quality is paramount without diluting the supervision between many more crews. 

ASI has a small fleet of company trucks, and uses a Trimble 5700, RTK GPS system, Trimble R8, RTK GPS system with Glonass capability, Trimble R10 VRS RTK GPS system, Trimble VX spatial scanning station for small scanning projects, Topcon GTS 605 and 3000 total stations, and TDS noman data collectors.  Software packages include Carlson Survey with AutoCAD OEM engine, 2015, Trimble RealWorx, Trimble Business Center, PacSoft, and a host of other software packages.  This software and hardware allows ASI to stay on the cutting edge of technology, and still remain a small to mid-size surveying company.  ASI can provide data in GIS formats to third parties such as DIGTESS and in-house GIS departments. 

Projects include large scale pipeline mapping for the Texas Railroad Commission T4 permits, oil and gas well locations, pipeline, infrastructure, et cetera, expert witness testimony for many court cases and boundary disputes including vacancies involving public school land, subdivision, design surveys, construction layout, communication surveys for setting specific azimuths for radio and cellular tower installations, light rail traffic surveys, and residential boundary surveying.